Valves & lifters


is it difficult to check my valves and lifters on a 99 sunfire?


The question would be; why?


i have a ticking from the top end and i would like to fix it myself if possible…thanks


Purchase a service manual for your vehicle. Haynes manuals are good, but factory manuals are the best. The manual will tell you EXACTLY how to do anything you want to do.


thank you for the info… i’ll check it out…


There should not be any adjustment if that is what you’re looking for. I think this model uses hydraulic valve lash fingers.

A valve ticking would more than likely be caused by either a sludged up or defective valve lash adjuster.
If it’s the former, try adding a can of SeaFoam to the engine oil and see if the tick goes away.
A defective valve lash adjuster would have to be replaced and in this case spending 20 bucks on a Haynes manual would help a lot if you do the repair yourself. As usual, I always recommend avoiding a Chiltons manual at all costs.

I would also point out that a tick can be caused by something other than a valve adjuster. A tiny exhaust manifold leak or a spark jumping to ground because of a defective spark plug/plug wire can also mimic a valve tick to a tee.
Hope that helps anyway.