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Valve train noise

2001 prizm making a chatter noise when giving gas. is not leaking oil does anyone know what the problem could be?

Spark knock due to clogged EGR, timing off or carbon deposits?

I agree with circuitsmith. This “chatter noise” that we cannot hear is likely to be spark knock or “pinging”.

You need to have maintenance–and possibly some repairs–made to this car. Failure to do this will result in damage to the valves, and the cost of repairing valve damage will probably be equal to the car’s book value. Deferred maintenance is not a good bargain.

How many miles on your prizm? Do you do your maintenance on schedule? When did you last do a “tune-up”? plugs/wires/cap/oil change/oil filter/air filter . . set the timing? Rocketman

If it was “valve noise” it would do it all the time, not just under acceleration. Check the timing and possibly a cracked exhaust manifold…