Valve stem recall

Just found out that anyone who bought new tires in the last two years might have bad valve stems. They are recalled because the manufacturer didn’t put in UV protection. The recall states the stems become cracked and could fail causing a blowout. Sorry I lost the link to the article. The valve stems were made by Dill and the part #'s are below…

Dill tire valve model numbers:







Tried to edit but couldn’t. The article stated the only way to tell which part number you have is to take tire off the rim. Best to ask your tire co. which ones they used.

Crack Your Eggs Open To Check For A Yolk…or…

The numbers are inside the rim, right? By the time you check for the defective valves, you might as well replace them.

Link to article:

Like I said, call your installer to find out which ones they use/used.

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It might be easier and more lucrative to just save the link below.

Here’s the link to the Newsome Lawfirm:

I just bought new tires…Called the place I bought them at (been buying tires from him for years). He heard about it…The company isn’t his supplier, so I should be OK. I also put so many miles on my vehicle per year that I’ll be getting new tires in about 18 months (60k miles).

What I would be curious about are the details behind the fatal crash that led to this.
It states a gentleman was killed when a right rear tire failed on his Explorer and the vehicle rolled.
The lawsuit ALLEGES that the valve stem was cracked and was the cause of the tire failure.

My question would be; How do they know the valve stem was not cracked during the rollover and the problem was not related simply to tire underinflation instead?

Anyone who messes with tires quite a bit knows that it’s easy to break a known good valve stem if care is not used.

I recently had a valve stem fail (3 years old) for no reason. I noticed the cars handling getting squirrelly and managed to stop before damaging the tire…The stem just cracked right next to the rim. When 70mph speed caused the stem to push down a little, it started leaking…It cost me $40 to replace all the stems…The millions of defective stems were made in China. Enough is enough. Vote for Obama. “Free Trade” sucks.

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There probably was no way to tell when it crack or what caused it. That’s where a jury comes in.

Have you ever been on jury duty? It’s a real eye opener. There is no telling what can happen. I have served several times. They claim our court system is one or the fairest systems, but I can see being tried for something I didn’t do and wind up losing. I hope I don’t offend anybody, but prosecuters scare me a bit, too.

I got called for jury duty about 5 months ago but the system picked a bad time to do it in regards to me. Just went through a very major shoulder surgery followed up by about 4 months of rehab so I had an out.

The thing about juries is that many biases may come into play although that is not true of every juror. It’s the reason why U-Haul won’t rent a trailer to a Ford Explorer owner. There’s nothing wrong with the vehicles at all but U-Haul is not going to take a chance in front of a jury if an accident happens. U-Haul knows that all or most of those jurors have seen the TV coverage about Explorer rollovers and already have their mind made up the vehicle is at fault.

I agree that Free Trade sucks (if it’s great then why does the U.S. run up billions in trade deficits every month) but a couple of people who were on the stage with Obama (the Clintons) were the strongest proponents of NAFTA and President Clinton is the one who pushed and signed into law this agreement during his Presidency. Along with supporting CAFTA, etc.
Clinton is also the one who threw U.S. taxpayer dollars into the Mexican stock market which started tanking after NAFTA was passed.

I don’t know if this applies to me but I just had to have all my valve stems replaced due to cracking.

Came out one morning and my tire was almost flat, leaking from the stem. Looked at the other stems and they were all cracked. Went to the closest tire store and the guy said they must not have replaced the stems when I bought the tires as the tires were only a year old. Anyway, I bought the tires at Sears, went back there and complained and they changed them all for free. Do the defective stems crack that fast? Mine looked really bad, full of cracking and very dried out.