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Valve steam seal

is it worth doing a valve stem seal job on a truck with 200.000 mile.or just rebuild the hole thing.1997 nissan pickup it smoke when you first crank it up. after setting overnight. 2.4 liter moter.

Have you gotten an estimate yet? With the right tools, this could be done with the cylinder head on the car. But, if you have other signs of wear, like low compression and questionable leak-down test, you may be better served with an overhaul. Or just letting it ride until your ready to let it go. This type of leak is common with older engines and will not hurt anything. Typically the oil consumption through the valve stem will not be noticeable between oil changes. If you have to add oil between changes, it is something else other than the valve stem seals.

How much oil would be saved by making the repair? It is very unlikely that replacing valve stem seals would be cost effective even if you can do the work yourself.

Agree; most owners just keep driving the vehicle, since it does not affect performance. My 1984 Chevy Impala with a 5 liter V8 developed this at 200,000 miles. The third owner is still driving this vehicle 8 years later and it still smokes on startup but runs fine other wise.

Just warm the engine up thoroughly if you have to go for and emission test.