Valve Spring Compressing

Okay just when I thought I had this thing going back together smoothly a new problem as emerged.

I put a new valve spring on because the other one busted.

Now when I am putting the push rod back in the spring is compressing down as the nut is being tightened. What is causing this issue?

Here is the image/

The camshaft lobe is in the up position for that valve.



Should I just keep tightening it down to the correct torque

If not what should I do to change it.

Torque it down and forget it.

Hard to say.

You don’t tell us what type of vehicle you’re working on.


Okay. Since that is the one I replaced the valve spring on and since it busted previously there wouldn’t be anything wrong causing it to be in the up position would there?

If not I can will glad to torque it down and forget. Thanks for your help guys!

Rotate the engine just a bit - 30 degrees or so, The rocker arm should move to relax the spring a bit as you do. Is this a Ford 3.8 V6?

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Its the 3.0 Vulcan engine Ford Taurus