Valve noise on Ford 302 V8

I noticed my truck’s engine was making a little valve noise at idle the other day. The dipstick showed the oil in reasonably good condition appearance-wise, but 1 quart low. The oil pressure gauge read normal, around 50 psi. I changed the oil & filter, full on the dipstick, noise went away. It seems like that if the oil pressure is normal, that means oil is getting to everywhere it needs to go. So what caused the minor valve clicking with the oil one quart low?

I dunno. I do know that my truck will make a little lifter noise at idle sometimes. Seems to do it more often when I’m close to being due an oil change (5k miles). Or maybe it’s my imagination. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a GM that didn’t have some lifter tap at one time or another, though. I thought GM had the patent on it :laughing:

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Can Hear Every Valve Rocker Or Lifter Every Time.



Ha! I have to say, my GM’s sound better at idle than my wife’s Toyota. Different design, I assume the overhead cams, alum block, etc are the cause of the noises. Nothing’s wrong, but it’s always idled with a “clickety clack” sound. Similar to a tiny, really quiet diesel.

i cleaned mine when the heads were off. quiet motor now. but thats me