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Valve cover seep

I have a seep in the valve cover of my '91 Pathfinder. It is loosing NO oil, but the engine smells aweful (especially since I use high milage synthetic oil.) I’d like to know if there is any problem with just letting this go, as long as I continue to moniter the oil level.

My mechanic says that the oil on the engine will cause the rubber parts to deteriate faster, but no signs of that yet.

Snug up the valve cover bolts a little bit, maybe it’s just a little loose.

Do you have 1 or 2 banks of cylinders. Look on the internet for a good price on the gasket, you could probably change it yourself.

Thanks. I think it’s a V6, but I’ll check. Thanks for the tightning tip. I really do not think I should try this. I’m just too prone to making things worse when I try to fix myself. The shop gave me a $200 or $300 dollor est., don’t remember which.

I really do not think I should try this.
I mean the replacing. I can definitely try tightning.

Look at it this way: this vehicle has given you good service. Return the favor by first trying snugging the bolts; if that doesn’t work, do the repair, or pay to have it done…and then move on with life.

Try snugging the valvecover bolts, but do so carefully. Some vehicles use shoulder bolts to hold the valvecover on and if yours is one that does you don’t want to break the bolt.

I’ve never done a Pathfinder, but valvecover gaskets on longitudinal engines are generally pretty easy to replace. You might want to consider oding so. And a fresh PCV valve might reduce or eliminate seeping also.

Thanks to all who have given me advice.