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Valve cover bolt snapped HELP

OK so I had oil on my spark plug that was causing a misfire so I went to go replace the valve cover but the last bolt to remove was difficult getting out and snapped so I tried to drill it out and I started to drill into the side not the bolt and suggestion it just made my small project a huge problem

Get a small punch and punch a dimple in the center of the snapped bolt. Then, use the smallest diameter drill bit you have to drill a pilot hole through the center. Once the pilot hole is there, a larger hole can be drilled without the drill bit walking off-center. If an extractor cannot remove the rest of the bolt, you can get a thread insert kit to fix the threads once you finish drilling out the hole. It may even fix some pf the side damage from the earlier attempts.

My local hardware store sells the extractors, but also extractor kits that include not just the extractor, but the appropriate sized drill, and a tool used to aid in starting the drill at the center.

Let me add suing reverse(left hand) drill bits to @Busted Knuckles directions. And position an oil soaked rag on the cylinder head to catch any debris. With a little patience the broken bolt usually will back out.

i already got some small metal shavings in the camshaft should i just run the engine 20 or something like that miles then do an oil change

You do not want metal shavings of any kind going into the engine.

Do you have shop vac to suck them out? Do you know anyone with a wire feed welder?


Frankly, it looks to me like you’re already in way over your head, and it’s time to tow it to a professional.

Your pictures show metal chips all over the head and camshaft. They should never have been allowed to get there. Every single one of those chips has to be removed before that engine turns even one revolution.

You’ll be astonished at how fast those metal chips will turn that engine into scrap metal.