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Valve clearance

What is the approx. labor charge to set valve clearance. Have no idea if anything has ever been replace a this car.Purchased recently.

If the car is getting other work done, such as a timing belt job, than a valve adjustment adds about an hour of labor. That’s $60 to 100 depending on labor rates where you live. If you just get a valve adjustment it might be more.

Since this is a new car for you, what do you know about its past? What year is it? How many miles? Auto or manual trans?

If you are over 100K miles you need to know if the timing belt has ever been changed. My '03 Civic needs a new belt every 105K miles or 7 years whichever comes first. A broken timing belt in a Civic means big time damage to the motor. Getting all the fluids changed would be a good idea if the car is 5 or more years or more old.

I prefer Honda brand fluids for my Civic. But the Honda brand transmission fluid is critical for an automatic trans. Also the trans should be service with new fresh fluid every 30K miles (even if the owners manual says a longer interval). Honda auto transmissions need regular services with Honda brand fluid to last.

I know nothing of any previous work done on this car. It is a 2001 Honda Civic LX with 121,800 miles. Except that the transmission fluid looks clean, pink/red. Oil also looks clean. What should I have done and what should the approx. cost be. thanks.

sorry, its auto trans.

Basically you can’t assume anything has been done to the car and start from there. Most critical is the timing belt job, which will include a new water pump and new coolant. I recommend Honda brand coolant and also have new radiator hoses and a new serpentine belt. This is a good time for the valve adjustment.

Next you are overdue for new spark plugs, along with that new air filter, and cabin air filters. Oil change, trans fluid change, and brake fluid flushed with fresh brake fluid. I’d get fresh power steering fluid and that means all new fluids will be in your new used Civic.

These things will get your maintenance up to date and if it is a good solid car you should be good to go for awhile. An '01 could need some repairs but you’ll just have to drive it awhile and take it as it comes.

I had very similar work done on my Civic about a year ago. The bill for all of this is about $800. More if you live in a big city like NYC or San Francisco. Some Honda dealers do this work at reasonable rates, others are ridiculous. I’d get a quote from a Honda dealer and also from a good independent shop. I used an independent and I bought Honda brand Coolant, trans fluid, and power steering fluid and provided them to the shop. They deleted the cost of fluids from their bill and it was a wash money wise, but this way I know I’ve got the right fluids in my Honda.

I would add a new thermostat to all that Uncle said.

The last Ford I drove that needed its valves adjusted was in 1956…But even then, it’s steel timing chain required no replacement…

Today, my Honda lawn mower requires less maintenance than your Civic…