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Should I get a valve job?

I have a 2002 Honda Civic si with 119k miles. It has been tapping for some time. I brought it to one place who said it needed adjusting and charged me $77. It was a bit quieter for about a week. I put some heavy duty oil something in it and it was a bit quieter for a while. I called the Honda garage and they said they can do it for $400. I would love some advice about this. Thanks

How often have you been changing the oil and checking its level?
Worn out rockers could be making noise.
In that case I would be suspicious of bottom end wear.

Do not use “heavy duty” oil in this car–if what you mean is an oil with a heavier viscosity. These cars vtec system relies upon having the correct weight oil. Not sure what that is? It should be in your owner’s manual or printed right on the oil filler cap. Again–change the oil again asap and use the correct weight oil.

Did the shop do a “valve lash adjustment”? Honda engines are sensitive to this as well.

You might provide some more info on this problem. A 119k miles Honda should not need a valve job unless the valve lash is too tight on one or more valves. (generally the exhaust)

Did they run a compression test?
What is the history of oil changes? (old and/or sludged oil can cause excessive rocker side play and this can make valve lash adjustments difficult)
Are you absolutely sure you have interpreted this right? I can’t see a valve job being performed for 400 dollars. That’s too cheap.

Maybe the problem is not the valve lash at all but there’s not enough info given for me to know what’s going on.

A valve adjustment for $77 on a Honda Civic seems too low, and means they didn’t really do much adjusting. I don’t think you need a valve job until someone with good Honda knowledge does the valve adjusting properly.

Get that heavy oil out of there.