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Valve adjustment

Do the valves on a 2005 honda Odyessy need to be adjusted? some shops say thaat they do 7 some say they do not. Cansomeone clear this up for me/

Check the owners manual maintenance guide for valve adjustment.

Surely the car has hydraulic valve lifters! If so they should be OK.

It has adjusters, see duplicate thread(s).

Look under the hood for a sticker. You should see something on there referred to as “Valve Lash”. This means inspection and adjustment of the valves is necessary.

The factory recommendation of a 100k miles+ or oblivion is an utter crock but you can certainly follow that recommendation if “close enough” and “hopin’ and prayin” is the modus operandi.

As I said previously, I’ve been dinking with these things for years and about half of the mechanical adjusters I’ve checked have needed just that; adjustment.
Most are not off enough to cause engine damage or an engine performance problem. However, you have to decide if you want to risk being one of the unlucky few who do suffer a problem.

As to an engine miss and a computer code being set because of a tight valve; true enough. However, the catch is that once a miss develops and code is set the damage has already happened to some extent. This is especially true of exhaust valves because once hot gas starts blowing by and valve heat is not dissipated into the valve seat the engine top end expectancy shortens very quickly.
The engine may appear to run fine up to the point where it becomes a noticeable problem but the damage has been occurring long before that.

It seems most people, on this post and other post about the same engine, are talking about mechanical lifters. Will someone determine if this engine has mechanical or hydraulic lifters, please.

Which brings us back to the question: "Is Honda’s overblown reputation really justified?? AlumaSil Blocks, rubber timing belts / interference head design, high repair costs, $4000 to rebuild transmissions…heavy and expensive maintenance requirements… Honda’s don’t sound like dream cars to me…

Get the right model and you have a very fine car-Kevin