Value of Hawk Horse trailer

Can anyone give me advice on the value of a 2001 Hawk 2 horse trailer with dressing room, bumper pull in good/excellent condition… thanks

Internet search? Manufacturer’s website?

I just typed in ‘used hawk trailers’ and got over 1.7 million sites.

My non-educated guess is $3500-5000. Retail on a 2001 might have been around $7-8K. Today’s retail is $9850 for cheapest ( no dressing room) to over $14K for XXL version (which I assume you don’t have). A lot depends on the current market, which is down for horses and all that comes with owning them.

My advice is contact a local horse trailer dealer. It all depends on your locale.

I am looking for one let me know how to contact you

There are a number of horse trailers for sale on eBay. Search for “horse trailer” and see for yourself.