Vacuum lines--this really sucks!

I have a 1986 jeep cherokee chief, 2.8L V6, that I have installed an edelbrock intake manifold and a weber carburetor on to try to improve performance and mileage. The problem is I am totally confused about the vacuum lines. The new M & C have a combined 4 vacuum connections the old M & C have 8 or 9. What do I really need?

Hi FatDaddyD53,

You need them all. You can get manifold fittings at PepBoys in their “Help” section, or any good Napa or CarQuest.

Just make sure that if you have vac. advance to the distributor that you use the “ported” port on the Edelbrock carb (the port on the driver’s side) rather than the non-ported. You’ll need all vac. lines attached to handle various, critical functions such as power brakes, computer controls, etc.

Good luck,