Master cylinder and brake booster


Recently I had my master cylinder replaced, my mechanic said it was leaking into the brake booster. After replacing it, he said he vacuumed excess brake fluid out of booster. Can this damage my brake booster?


Yes. Be prepared to replace the booster as well.


What Wiley said. Brake fluid eats rubber. This includes the rubber diaphram inside the brake booster.


Also your mechanic should have informed you of this possibility before starting the job. It would have been cheaper and more responsible to do both items at the same time.
~Michael (Dartman69)


Brake fluid eats rubber.

Well we are in a heap o’ trouble here aren’t we. The brake system is full of rubber seals and rubber hoses.

The booster is OK and does not need to be replaced, but your mechanic missed an opportunity to make an extra boat payment. He’s gonna get kicked out of the shady mechanics club if he isn’t careful.


You calling me a shade tree mechanic out to make a buck off of an unsuspecting customer Keith? Tell you what smart *ss go soak some rubber in brake fluid and watch what happens to it.
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Just so there is no confussion.