Using overdrive off when problem with fourth gear

Hi, I have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra. I recently have been having issues with the transmission. When I’m in fourth gear, I will sometimes feel a sudden jolt, and then the rpms will go up, and the engine will seem to be working harder and be noisier. When I then come to a stop and then try to accelerate again, the acceleration is very slow, as if the car is still in a high gear. When I turn the car off and then on, the car accelerates fine again. Since then, I have put the car into overdrive off, and haven’t had any problems. If the problem is in the fourth gear, could I just use overdrive off consistently and not fix the problem? Could that somehow cause more damage or be bad for the engine? I put about 50 highway miles on the car each day. But I only plan on doing so for the next ten months or so, then I will generally only be using it for short trips around the neighborhood. Thank you very much for your help!-Dan

It sounds as though the computer is seeing a problem and defaulting to limp home mode, which holds the transmission in 3d gear. You need to get it looked at as soon as possible but in the mean time continuing to lock out overdrive is very advisable.

Two suggestions:

1). Check the transmission fluid level

2). Take the car to your mechanic and ask him or her to check the operation of the transmission.

In other words, your time with OD off might be really short. You might be able to get a good diagnosis and save the transmission, but if they tell you the transmission needs a complete overhaul, then you might as well drive it until it drops.

Find a local transmission shop, not a chain-ask around.