Using a tachometer


Have you ever adjusted the Idle control? I was wondering if you had to use a tachometer to do this? Let me know what you think.


Are you talking about a carburettor? Fiddling with each of those little screws? Yes, I’ve done it. Or are we dealing with a modern fuel-injected car… or a lawn mower? Just what is your project? What are you trying to do?


Yes, my motorcycle has a little nob that I can twist to adjust the idle speed. I wish I had a tachometer to help do this, but I don’t. I suppose I could buy one that clamps on to the spark plug wires for adjusting the idle. Why do you ask?


For those vehicles that require idle speed and mixture adjustment (which excludes cars made in the last 25 years or so), the proper procedure is to use a tach. As Steve and Jeremy wrote, why do you ask?