Using a Prius to inflate an air mattress

I plan on going tent camping and want to know if I can use my 2007 Prius in some way to power my small air pump. It’s made to clip onto the battery terminals of a regular car battery, but the Prius isn’t a regular car.

Find an adapter to aux power outlet (cig outlet of old) to be safe.

Somewhere in your Prius is a 12v starting battery you can connect to…

I don’t like bypassing fuse box for any off the shelf “mongrel” apparatus, esp in a Prius. Why not carry PU a small jumper battery ? I have one and use it all the time for stuff like this.

If it clips to your battery you should be able to connect an auxiliary outlet adapter (cigarette lighter) to it. Or just buy one that fits the auxiliary outlet.

Or just find the 12V starter battery. Wow! A redneck Prius!

If you want to play it safe, consider a portable jump starter like this.


Ed B.

Get a rechargeable battery-powered pump for your air mattress. They’re great, and only cost around $30 at Target and similar stores. They’re about the size of 3 stacked tuna cans.

if you can walk, you can operate a foot pump, and burn some calories at the same time.

The 12 volt “auxiliary” battery is in the right rear corner under the floor.

Get an air mattress with a hair dryer port. They work great if you have a hair dryer with a no heat setting.

Do you want them to fill the mattress at home? the question is one of electricity.