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Using a lug nut stud intended for steel/polycast wheels with alloy rims?

Need to replace the lug nut studs on a 1997 Chrysler Concorde.

My local O’Reilly’s has studs that, according to their computers, are for steel or polycast wheels. The car has on it the stock rims that originally came with the car.

No one at O’Reilly’s or anyone else so far has been able to tell me the difference between the studs O’Reilly has and studs intended for alloy rims, if such a thing exists.

These are the only studs that come up on O’Reilly’s website. The only difference seems to be their plating.

Is this a non-issue? Can I use the studs I got at O’Reilly’s for the alloy wheels?


Check with a Chrysler dealer and see what they have. The prices may be a bit higher, but I doubt that wheel nut studs would be that expensive. They may also know what the difference is in the studs that you saw at O’Reilly’s

I believe it is the nut itself that has a different shape on the contact side for steel or alloy. The stud is the same is the same for either.

I did call them awhile ago and they said that it would be $16 a lug nut stud.The O’Reilly’s were about $1.50. I should call back and see if they can help me pin down what I need or if there is a stud specifically for alloy rims/

The nut was the only thing I could see as different. The originals are capped. Some of the nuts they had at O’Reilly’s were open-ended.

Your confusion is understandable. Of the three studs one is listed with SAE dimensions the others are Metric. The product details show all three as Metric. # 97036 (zinc plated) lists the Concorde in the compatibility chart, the other two don’t show compatibility. As for polycast wheels, near as I can tell, they are steel wheels with a plastic cover permanently bonded to the steel rim.

Or Google: “Concord Polycast wheels”

Chrysler might have used used polycast wheel on some of its models that era. Personally, I would bet that all three of the O’Reilly’s studs are identical and will be OK to use.

Here is the standard tapered lugnuts used on steel/polycast wheels. The taper matches the taper on the wheels for a good solid fit.

Many alloy lugs need a non-tapered lug nut with a straight shank. These are required for alloys with flat surfaces.

Just be sure to use the correct style. The wrong style can be dangerous.