Useful OBD2 Scan Tool for Toyota

For my 2004 Toyota Corolla, I have been trying to find a good OBD tool.
Recently I tried Tachyon Obd2 Bluetooth tool for Toyota and it worked like a charm.

I was able to get,
Instantaneous fuel economy
Individual fuel economy of last 25 trips
Fuel economy graphs
Gear shifting patterns
Battery voltage
Toyota Specific DTC status and Freeze frames
and many other sensor data

It looks like most of these data are Toyota specific data, which cannot get from other standard scan tools.

The best feature I like is that I don’t have to use a PC or Phone to log trip data. As long as the unit is plugged to the OBD2 port, it automatically logs trip data. And when I need them, I can get them using the PC or Android App.

also, the software and Android app comes FREE with the unit!

Not to be rude . . . but why are you posting this?

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“Instantaneous fuel economy
Individual fuel economy of last 25 trips
Fuel economy graphs
Gear shifting patterns”

That stuff has nothing to do with OBD2 . . . it seems the device is aimed at the layman

It’s spam. His only other post was a fake question about the same product, complete, of course, with links to buy it. Hopefully @cdaquila will ban him soon.

I got a 2004 corolla and it does not have any trip meters. Every time I want to check fuel consumption, I had to manually do it.

I tried ELM but it didn’t work (I got a JDM)

So, I thought it might he helpful for someone who is looking for device like this.


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