Used Truck

I’m in the market for a used truck under 10k. What would you recommend. I need an extended cab, short bed, under 100k miles preferably. Will be used as daily driver and work. Has to be a 1500-2500, 150-250 for load and towing capacity

Can’t really go wrong with an F-150, but it also depends on how much you’re planning on towing, and how often as well. If you need to tow 10,000lbs atleast once a week, you’d want to look at a dually diesel which would probably put you in the mid to early 90s. If you just want to tow a small boat once a season, you’d want to look at renting a truck for those times. More info is needed on your towing requirements to better help you.

I think a Ford Ranger or Mazda B-Series would fit the bill quite well. They’re cheap, fairly reliable, and can do what you need, short of real heavy hauling.