Heavy towing needed

I am needed a vehicle that can tow 12k-15k lbs. what will be best for me, cost and reliability for a low to mid years 2000’s. Hopefully under $10,000

Me: 3/4 or 1 ton with a diesel if this towing is going to be a regular occurrence.
Gasoline power would be okay, I just would feel better with a diesel.

Finding one in your price range is another story.

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It will be semi regular. For my boat. Mid to low 2000’s is the year I would like for under $10,000.

Just start looking at all the ads you can find in your area and I think you will decide that 10000.00 for what you want is way to low . Did you just buy a boat and if not what are you towing with now.

Not sure where you are, but around here, for something that meets all 3 of your requirements you’re looking at trucks with 250,000 + miles on them.

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I’m in Washington st. I just bought a boat, a deal I could not pass up. I have a F150 now, but weight capacity is 8500lbs

If this boat is going to be moved just a few times a year I would check on the cost by a towing service. Of course if I had one that size it would be in a Marina who would have it serviced and ready to go when I got there.


Considering the cost of the truck, you might consider storing it at a marina as @VOLVO_V70 suggested. You can leave it in the water or store it on land at the marina. Some marinas have land storage. If it’s lake boating and one lake isn’t enough to keep your interest, you might replace that F150 with an F250 or F350 capable of towing your boat.

My parents have had a boat that weighs closer to 10,000lbs loaded up so instead of a F250/350 for $30,000 including the cost of the trailer it was a better idea to find a marina slip and not have to go through the production of launching the boat every time we wanted to go out. Or even seasonally. Gets used more during the off season than we ever took the little 16ft boat during summers.

So far what’s available in the northwest in the year range and budget is rated at maximum 12,500 for a F350 and with well over 200,000 miles.

So just how big a boat IS this anyway that you need 12-15K towing capacity?

I would say a Dually with a diesel motor, must be quite a boat!

I found out that the boat is 5,000 lbs and 1,000 lbs for the trailer. Good news, but do i still need a 3/4-1 ton truck?

Your F150 should be adequate, assuming well maintained. But watch out for the “wet” weight (gas and oil) and what loads you add to the boat and to your truck. Might be worthwhile to take it to a scales and get the actual weight.


Should be fine, 10yrs ago we were looking at F150’s with about a 7,500lb tow rating for a similar weight boat and trailer. But as @Purebred suggests make sure that’s the total weight. You can add more than you think once you load up for the weekend.

Thank you both for the info

That what close.
Started at 12-15k lbs
Ended up at 6k lbs.

lol, Yeah, my wife gave me the wrong boat year for my research.

Does the trailer have electric controlled brakes? If so I would advise a vehicle capable of using them.