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Used Mercedes-Benz ML320

I recently purchased a used 1998 Mercedes-Benz ML320, 4 wheel drive ; it has been sitting for 18 months and needs some TLC. My favorite automotive shop is working on her … She has a new battery, new spark plugs & wires … they drained the old gas, snd gave her fresh gas. She is running sort of rough, and this code came up: PO720 - ? re: output speed sensor/conductor. Is this a major repair? How much is a decent estimate for this sort of repair? What else might be an issue after she sat so long without being driven? I got a great deal on this vehicle, and it already has hand-controls installed, which i need … Anybody have useful tips and helpful hints on getting her driving happy again after such a long hiatus?

This attached thread gas a good description of what’s involved.

That car is known to be a lemon pig.
Hope you have a fat wallet!

Typically 2001-2009 are years to avoid, especially if it is an ML. From what I have seen and from a buddy of mine thats a benz tech, Avoid Any early ML, just because they have some horrid quality issues.

Basically, the 01-09 model years just had all sorts of gremlins, barring the e class i think. That was one that didnt get it too bad. But typically, he said 09+ have gotte nmuch much much better.