Used engine

i have to buy a used engine for my 1993 nissan 300zx non turbo. the shop wants to charge mw 1900.00 but i found one for 1100.00, which should i go with?

The Engine You Have Located Could Be The Same Engine That They Located Only They Have To Put A Mark-Up On It In Order To Make A Profit And Stay In Business.

More information is needed.

Do both engines have similar miles ? Is The mileage authenticated ?

Do both engines come with a warranty ? Do You get to hear both run ?

Is the shop planning on testing / evaluating the engine, first ?

Will the shop warrranty the engine and labor or just the engine ?

What exactly is covered by any warranty ?

Does your shop have a problem with you supplying an engine as opposed to letting them supply it ?

How much will they charge for labor to install the engine ? Is it the same for either one ?

Be careful. Sometimes these situations that appear like a way to save money wind up costing you more in the long run.


they both have the same mileage, they both come with warranties, the shop will warranty their labor and engine but not mine. and if i buy my own engine the labor will be 800.00 which is the same for their engine

What Does The Warranty Cover ? How Long Does The Warranty Run ? For Instance, Does It Cover Excessive Oil Consumption ? How Much ? Does It Cover Slight Smoking, Etcetera ?


The Shop Is Charging You $800 More, But You Can See How That Will Be Eaten Up If You Have To Go Back And Exchange Your Supplied Engine For Another And Pay $800 More Labor (Or Another For $800 More).


i will ask them today. thanks

very true, it seems that i’m in between a rock and a hard place. what if i give the shop my contact and let them order the engine from them, then it will be under warranty from them.

$1900 for parts isn’t far from what a remanufactured engine for this car will cost. I’m seeing $1600-$2500 for a long block with up to a 3 year, unlimited mileage warranty. You’ll have to add a bit on for other parts to be replaced (a long block is not an entire engine with everything attached to it), but you should be able to salvage some parts from your current engine.

That might boost labor costs up some, but it shouldn’t be too bad. If the used engines don’t come with good warranties, I’d look into that.

Or better yet, just get a new car. I’m not a believer in spending thousands of dollars to replace engines in near 20 year old cars.

i have a new car already,and a new bike. this is my project car, i always wanted this model car, so i don’t mind spending the money, i just don’t want to taken to the bank in doing so

If it’s a project can you use it as a great opportunity to change the engine yourself?

As long as you have the space swapping an engine isn’t that big of a deal.

Engine hoists can be rented and once you do it you’ll know much more about your car. If you were to do it yourself I could definitely see purchasing the reman long-block, switching the parts over would teach you even more and you’d have extra money for gas when it’s done.