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Used Cars & Prices

I am still looking for an automatic used car because I can no longer stand shifting in stop and go traffic. The 06 and 07 Hundayi Elantra prices seem inflated in the range of $11,999 with some wiggle room. I can get what seems to be a clean 06 Corolla (with 34Kmi) for $12,500 (a much better car). I would prefer the $10k to $11K range for a commuter car that I can take on occaisional long trips. The Hundayi Accent might be a little light for what I want.

Are there any “dark horse” cars that you would suggest? I’m thinking that the used Elantras are a little inflated pricewise because they are in high demand.

I just finished with a business rental of a Kia Rio, and think it might work well for you. I drove a 2008, which has changed a bit from the older ones. Besides the engine sounding like a sewing machine, the level of comfort for this rental was comparable to the Corollas we owned. I didn’t do any long term trips with it, but the in town/highway mix of driving I did was comfortable.

The 06 Corolla should have very good reliability and it may pay to purchase it if you can’t find an Elantra in your price range. Our Corollas served us well, and one is still on the road at 225K miles.