2002 Honda CRV A/C

My otherwise wonderful CR-V just spent a day at the dealer after I discovered the A/C wasn’t cooling. Diagnosis was that compressor had chewed itself up, filling the system with detritus. Prescription: $3100 smackers to replace everything.

Considering the blue book trade is only about twice that, seems like a bad investment to me.

Is there a path to replacing the air conditioner (system) that doesn’t require a full walletectomy? Only 75 K miles, and I’d like to keep it a while longer, but I don’t relish hauling my family to a beach vacation next summer with no A/C.

Take it to a specialty A/C shop that does nothing but do automotive HVAC systems. The same happened to my Caprice some years ago and the cost of a reconditioned (rebuilt)compressor and all the cleanout came to just $800 or so. The dealer is probably quoting a NEW factory compressor and very high shop labor cost.

Good luck!

Thanks. Sounds like an excellent starting point.