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Used car

I am planning to purchase a used 2009 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. It has less than 5,000 miles on it and it is currently at a Chrysler dealership. Question… do I need to have a mechanic look at it anyway if if the car has a carfax statement with it?


Is it a Lemon, a Repo, a rebuilt wreck or a dealer demonstrator?

Dealers have learned to game Carfax so don’t put too much faith there…This vehicle is NOT a normal “trade in”…

Not sure if it is a lemon, repo, etc. Haven’t seen it yet. Thanks for the information.

5,000 miles, these could be highway miles or someone could have banged around the woods and forged streams. Have a mechanic check it over. The carfax report may be useful, but likely won’t provide much info.

A check of the brakes can show average or excess wear and give a clue. Certainly the inspection needs to really look hard for accident and/or flood damage. The tires should be the same brand and size as on new Jeeps sitting on the lot, and should look virtually new. If the tires are not original and new don’t look “new” that is a big clue that something is fishy. The tires you can check and if you are suspect forget the car and don’t bother spending money for an independant inspection.

I personally would not bother with a mechanic check with so few miles and warranty on it. Ask the dealer for carfax(they can provide).

Thanks for your information.

When I check it out will use your suggestion of checking the tires… thanks!

People either love Wranglers or hate them, a lot of folks buy them thinking they are neat, but cannot stand the harsh ride or noise and trade them in after several months. If this is the case you may have a gem here, if it is a lemon, repo etc you may have problems. It is worth the few $ to have an independent mechanic take a look and give you an unbiased evaluation.

Thanks for your input…I really appreciated the comment. Have a good one!