2018 Nissan Versa - Car fax

How to tell if car fax is legit on vehicle I just bought as it doesn’t list any defects and have had to have rotors turned as well as an alignment 1 month after taking possession of vehicle, needless to say it’s a 2018 vehicle with 40000 miles cause it was a loaner but why problems already

The official Car Fax web site states that they only have what is reported to them . Also that wrong information can be reported . They are a helpful guide not an absolute record.
Alignment is not anything to worry about because any vehicle will need one sometime. 40000 miles for brake pads and rotors is not out of line either. You bought a used vehicle plain and simple so you should expect things to be done to it . Tires are in your future also.


You can’t. CarFax is only a guide And 40K miles is a used car. As @VOLVO_V70 you should expect wear items (called maintenance) on a car with this many miles.

A2018 loaner car with 40000 miles? You are lucky that is all it needed.

You are expecting too much from the Car Fax report, there is no way the report can indicate the condition or wear of the brake system parts. You need to perform an inspection on the vehicle if you want to know the condition of the vehicle.

Did the Car Fax report show that the vehicle was used for commercial use (loan vehicle)? That is the type of information that you may find on the report and if this was a rental or loan car you can expect to need to replace the brakes.

Nevada thank you for your response , I don’t know the answers Wich is why I’m in this site I do however not expect to pay out any money when I’ve had the car 45 days that being said I am paying for someone else driving and that isn’t ok , the dealer didn’t inform me of anything also not sure how it passed inspection with it like that

Thank you for your response I do expect to do maintenance on my vehicle however I do not expect to pay for someone else’s driving also I wasn’t told by dealer that it was used as a loaner car and the fact that the rotors need turning already is kind of scary but listening to all it’s normal my thought is should I keep car or take back and get different one that doesn’t have as many miles I do have a warranty for duration of loan but doesn’t cover normal maintenance the dealer however did fix the issues without charging me a penny

Thank you for your response I am thinking about taking the car back for a new car with less than 5,000 miles something that I put miles on myself but I’m not sure if I’m able to do that what do you think about that

And it will still be a used vehicle . You bought a vehicle with 40000 miles on it and you expect to have no wear and tear repairs . That is unrealistic . Even a new vehicle the brake pads and rotors are a wear item.
If you try to return it you will take a large financial hit no matter what you trade for.


That is what you accept buying a used car with 40K miles. The car is not re-manufactured to “as new” condition before you buy it. Whether you by the car from a dealer or private sale the expectation is the same. It is unrealistic of you to assume otherwise.

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Thank you Volvo I stand corrected I guess my thought process is unrealistic I just aren’t used to purchasing a car and expecting to not have to do any maintenance for at least six months but you do bring up very valuable points that I should have considered before my purchase. Trial and Error
I am very thankful that I am even able to purchase a vehicle and thanks to you and everyone else here I am changing my thought process besides the dealer has actually fixed the issues with no charge to me even with manufactures warranty out Wich I am thankful

Yes Mustang I guess I have been unrealistically thinking that way . Thanks to you and everyone else here who have put me in my place nicely so I stand corrected I have chalked it up as well as learned valuable lessons but that’s what it’s all about yes again I do thank you for your responses I can admit my wrongs and am appreciative for the correct criticism

You found a place that still “turns” rotors?

Maintenance items won’t show up on a carfax. Oil changes might, but things like brakes, tires,etc. probably won’t. Getting your rotors turned (if you can still fine a place that does that) and an alignment are not defects on a car with 40k miles on it, they are typical maintenance items.

My guess it it got new brake pads and they turned the rotors at the same time. I wouldn’t worry about that, and would consider it a plus. Now you don’t have to replace the pads and rotors.