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Used 2007 Toyota Forerunner

My local Chevrolet dealer dropped the asking price on a 2007 Toyota Forerunner SR5 to14.5k from 16.5k. It has the V6 which I believe has a timing chain. It has ~84k miles. Is the asking price reasonable? Assuming it was reasonably well cared for by the previously owner would the engine and trans be good for another 70-80k miles.

The dealer also has a 2010 Subaru Forester 2.5x with 57k miles for 14.9k (was 15.9k) I had posted about last week. The high mileage for a 2 year old vehicle has me concerned and I’m not crazy about replacing a timing belt.

Any thoughts?

Ed B.

If well maintained that engine and tranny should last for at least another 200k miles. I currently have over 210k miles on my 05 4runner with the same engine and tranny.

The one thing I’d look at…is was the tranny fluid changed. According to the owners manual…there is no required interval change for tranny fluid. I change mine every 40-50k miles…So the owner might have followed the recommended maintenance schedule…and NEVER change the tranny fluid.

And the V6 DOES have a timing chain…and it IS an interference engine.

I think I would still car shop around for a vehicle. $14,500 for a 2007 model is still overpriced unless it was meticulously maintained.

And get an independent inspection prior to purchase.