Used 2007 Elantra Maintenence Question

I just purchased a 2007 Hyundai Elantra from a dealership. It has 34660 miles on it and is still under warrenty. I know the dealers do a “one million point” inspection on all of their used vehicles, but is there any reccomended maintenence or checks I should do to this car besides the manufacturers reccomendations? Any advice would be helpful!!!

Key items with these cars is replacing the timing belt at the time or mileage indicated in the OWNER’S MANUAL. You have not reached that point yet, so you will be ready for it. In fact, read it through several times and you will cover all the needed maintenance activities. The owner is responsible for regularly checking fluid levels, tire pressure, etc. Once you buy the car, it’s your responsibility.

When a dealer does a multi-point inspection, they assess the car at that point in time and do the needed maintenance required. It is up to YOU to read the manual and carry on as required.

I think these cars work on a 30/60/90K maintenance interval schedule, so check and verify whether the 30K maintenance service was done. As stated, the owner’s manual will tell you what should have been done. If there is any doubt, get it re-done.

Many manufacturers avoid discussing when to change ATF and filter, so knowing when that was last done, if ever, is important. Most of us here recommend doing this ATF service every 30K miles or so, regardless of what the owner’s manual says.

In between, it is basically oil changes and tire rotations with an occasional alignment thrown in.

The manufacturer’s recommended maintenance, as spelled out in the owner’s documentation, is what you should follow. If you’re sure everything needed at the current mileage has been taken care of there’s nothing special you should do. If you’re not sure it was done you may want to bring everything up to date.