Urgent! whine after brake change

front brake pads were changed on a 2007 ford focus. brake fluid cap was taken off while calipers were being compressed, and brakes were all put on correctly. car then started whining after brakes were changed and power steering reservoir had bubbles in it, but went away the second time i checked it. not even 100% sure its the power steering pump just assuming. note the brake light was on before brakes were changed, and went off after the brake pads were put in. dont know what the prob is, but its my friends car and he needs to go to work in the morning

Brakes won’t make noise while the vehicle is parked.

Foam in the power steering reservoir is an indication that the fluid level is low and that the pump is drawing in air, this will make noise. Shut off the engine, wait five minutes for the foam to settle, then add fluid. Repeat if necessary.

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fluid was full, and car made a whining noise when i was driving it. i let it sit for 10 min and still made a whining noise afterwards just not as loud

Your friend should take Uber until the car is looked at by a qualified pro. Brakes are not optional.

The only possible connection between a brake job and the power steering would be if someone mistakenly put brake fluid in the power steering reseviour and that would have no effect on the brakes.

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The car is 13 years old and the way I read this is that you were the one doing the work. Maybe the whine was there before you touched it and PS whines on Fords are not that rare. Are you CERTAIN the whine was not there before?

It’s kind of a bad idea to get involved with auto repairs involving friends, relatives, and in-laws. There’s very little in the line of thanks but blame and accusations are easily dished out.

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