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I have a 95 Subaru that has major engine miss and engine smoke up hill I replace knock sensor fuel pump n filter spark wires what else could it be

How many miles? Smoke sounds like blow-by. You may have more than one issue to address.


With over 200k on the odometer, I would strongly suggest that the OP have a compression test done on the engine. Depending on the outcome of that test, it may not be a good idea to continue to fix this 18 year old car.

is it throwing any codes?

No engine codes

Got half way up hill With engine miss turned around to go back down hill and ran with no problems

Sparks plugs with too large of gap (the gap widens over time as they wear) can cause missing and pinging going uphill. With these symptoms, it is probably wise to replace the PCV valve and make sure all PCV hoses and ports are not clogged w/gunk. A compression check and timing check is in order too.