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Upgrading my Car


I have a 1999 Integra w/ 67k - it has airbags too.

I was considering an upgrade and researching Matrix and/or TSX.

I was disappointed with the (consistent) complaints as you can see below:

Matrix seems to have (manual) tranny issues.

TSX seems to have airbag and driver seat movement issues.

Apparently the repair cost on these cars are higher than that of what I had been having!

Any recommendations as to what might be wise choices when it comes to upgrading to used or new cars?


If I lived where there is a lot of snow I would be worried about the low clearance of the matrix, even with awd. Have not seen the tsx, but a guy at work bought a matrix, if you wait till feb I can tell you about winter driving.

Why are you posting the same question again? You’ll get more feedback if you stick to your original thread and respond there.