Upgrade from a 16’ Chevy spark LT

So I’m new here and I’ve been on the hunt to get a decent priced bigger vehicle, I don’t even really know where to begin.
I drive everyday (closest decent town is 30 miles away) so id like good gas mileage, a roomy interior and cargo. With at least 7”+ ground clearance (because I live on a ranch that’s located on a hill so when it snows my car gets stuck.) I used to have a 07 jeep Liberty sport and I loved the spacing however I didn’t care too much for the gas mileage.

Suggest to take a look at Car Talk’s recent article about the Nissan Rogue. Click on main “Car Talk” link this page, upper left, then left side of screen, 3rd article down.

New or used and how much do you want to spend? You are probably looking at a SUV or truck for a 7” ground clearance.

I don’t where you have been but decent priced used vehicles have not been possible for sometime now. New ones have markups over sticker as a common practice.

All you can do is search the web sites of dealers near you for something that might appeal to you . After you find something put ( Specs for a whatever ) in Google and you will see the measurements .

Edit: A Google search shows the ground clearance of a 2016 Spark as 5.94 inches . 1 inch is not going to make that much difference.

Probably looking at a compact crossover SUV like a Honda CRV or Toyota Rav4 for examples. Dad bought a '19 CRV to replace his 2007 CRV and went from low 20’s on his daily route to 31mpg which was enough of an improvement for the 10-20mi a day at most he’s driving.

Maybe Subaru Forester or a RAV-4. Might want to look at the Mazda CX-5 as well.

Forester and the CX-5 have over 8in of ground clearance, Rav4 and most others have at least 6. Comparing 2015 models at least.