Update on my oil drinking Hyundai

I went ahead and drained the full synthetic Pennzoil at 1800 miles and went back to my semi synthetic motorcraft. I had to know what caused the sudden thirst for oil.
So after another 1800 miles the level has moved about an eighth of an inch on the stick. That’s compared to 5/8 inch drop on the Pennzoil.
Everything was pretty much the same conditions as far as driving. The weather varied but not a lot.
So, I’ll stick to semi synthetic. Of course your results may vary

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Others will swear by it, but I quit using pennz anything about 30 years ago. Not even in my lawn mower. Now some cars are more susceptible to oil brands than others. My sons bmw can only use bmw and another brand which I forgot and have no idea who makes bmw. So at any rate use what works for you.

Not sure what engine this Hyundai has, but our Theta II was going through 1 qt every 400 miles and that was on Mobil 1. Nothing fixed it, even going to 20W-50 oil. Finally crapped out and we got a new engine.

Accent has the 1.6 gamma engine. Seems to be one of the more reliable engines from what I’ve read.