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Update on Definity tires

As promised, here’s an update on my new Definity tires. I did a whole lot of driving today, including on the highway, in very heavy rain… occasionally coming down faster than it was running off. The tires were excellent. I even tried “pushing” them by making quick maneuvers, flooring it off the line, and quick stopping (all in safe ways) and there was absolutely no indication of questionable traction. I’ll give them an excellent rating on wet roads.

I’ll keep in touch when the snow flies. Hopefully, that won’t be for a while.

Thanks for the update. What will be more telling IMHO will be the level of traction once you get 40k miles on them, obviously all tires will lose grip when they get worn down, but some tires age more gracefully than others particularly when it comes to wet weather traction.

I agree. Except that since treadwear varies, I’d say 40% wear instead of a specific number of miles.