Update: 2005 Acura TL VSA Kicks in Randomly

Update: Took the car into the Acura dealership and they gave me a $7700 repair estimate for everything, including the ABS Modulator.

Belt Tensioner - $450
Oil Pump Gasket - $1300
Power Steering Pump Reseal - $460
ABS Modulator - $2700
Rear brake pads and both rear brake rotors resurfaced - $320.00
RR Main Oil Seal - $1900
Valve cover gasket set replaced - $620.00

I’m not putting $7700 into a car that’s only worth $5300 in good condition, so any thoughts on if I should repair some of it, take it somewhere cheaper to repair, don’t fix any of it and sell as is, keep it, sell it, etc.?

Original post:

My 2005 Acura TL’s VSA light, orange warning light, and VSA system has had issues for the last year and a half or so. It wouldn’t be a big issue to me if the light was just on, but the VSA traction system actually kicks in while driving - during driving and braking, on completely normal pavement and under good weather conditions. It has approximately 180k miles. My 18-year-old daugther drives it and I’ve realized after driving the car myself this last week that it’s a very big safety issue for her, as it can cause the car to brake hard at higher speeds making it hard to control the car.

I have an appointment to take it to the dealership on August 7th, but wanted to get your opinion on how simple/complex this issue could be and how much money I’m going to have to sink into it to get it repaired. Because of the mileage, I’ve had to put some money into it lately - timing belt, alternator, new tires, new brakes, etc.

Thank you!

Ask around for a good independant shop and get another diagnosis and quote.


Thank you!