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Acura MDX 05 VSA - Modulator trouble

VSA light & VSA Triangle light came on. Brake lite switch & brake fluid levels are fine. Mechanic said the ABS pump ( MODULATOR ASSY., VSA - 2005 ACURA MDX (57110-S3V-A32)) needs to be replaced and offered 2 options: Install a USED part and job would cost $400, or install a NEW part and job would cost about $1400. USED part would have a 90 day warranty. Mechanic also said I could get the part on line and he would do job for $150. I can buy the Part new online for about $925. Car has about 66K miles and I plan on keeping the car for several years. So my QUESTION is…Should I go with the used part or get the part new?

Define used. Used as in “pulled off a junkyard car” or used as in “rebuilt?”

That said, I’d probably go used. Those parts don’t fail very often. $1000 extra just to get a warranty on a $400 job seems silly - you could pay for 2 more ABS modulator replacements with that extra thousand, plus have enough left over to drown your sorrows at a very expensive bar :wink:

For some reason this rings an unfortunate bell in my head. I think this was a major issue in Acuras… Have you looked this up for any recall info? Or looked up if many other people are complaining about the same thing? There are several very good and informative Acura dedicated websites… Give a looksie