Unwanted rolling

my new 2007 susuki sx4 …16000 miles…

while stopped at a light the car stared rolling forward
with brake firmly down and clutch in… emerg brake did not
help… new icon on dash says low tire pressure but all tires at
32 psi , motor , clutch ,brakes working fine to this point

If your clutch is functioning properly and your brakes as well…the vehicle cannot move. Maybe the vehicle next to you was backing up…this creates an illusion that you were moving forward. I’ve seen it before and it’s a little unnerving to say the least.

thanks missleman… very possible

If the clutch and brake share the same (empty) fluid reservoir both master cylinders could take on air, losing both braking and clutch disengagement.
Far fetched.
Was the trans in gear or neutral when it rolled?

I like missileman’s theory.

As to, “new icon on dash says low tire pressure but all tires at32 psi”…has the OP checked the pressure in the spare tire?

If the spare has a sensor for the TPMS, then the spare (which some people NEVER bother to check) is likely to be low on air.