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Unusual paint chips

Howdy, my 2013 Passat has developed very tiny chips in the paint all over the roof, deck lid and hood. I can’t figure out


Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Was it outside during a hail storm?

Hello, a few months ago we head a freak storm with hail that was very tiny, about half the size of a pea for about 10-15 minutes.

Do you suppose that very small hail could cause the chips? Thank you.

What do they feel like? Almost looks like deposits instead of chips.

They ar kind of rough,sharp and the clear coat is chipped out.

Wow, I don’t know. I would think hail that could do that would leave dents. The only thing I would suspect is small gravel, but that would require following too close behind a truck, and you would have noticed it happening.

Was it ever in a sand storm?

The hail or even road sand/salt could have damaged/loosened the bond of the paint and took a while for it to actually come off. Gonna have a hard time proving it to insurance though. They like to have the exact date and circumstances of the damage to process a claim.

If it was the hail you’d think half the cars in Dallas would look like that. They don’t.

Staying behind a gravel truck for any lenght of time can cause this damage.The guy probably did not cover his load with a tarp.

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I just uploaded a very closeup photo of the type of chips on the roof, hood and heck lid. Thank you.

Thank you for all the ideas. The majority of the chips are on the roof probably a couple hundred. About 50 or so on the deck lid and about the same on the hood. None on the sides. I’m thinking it could have been the hail. It was hitting the car pretty hard, but they were very small. Could have had a sand blasting affect? Thank you.