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Paint Chips to My Clear Coat

I recently discovered chips to the clear coat of my 2002 VW Passat wagon evenly distributed across the hood and roof. I discovered these chips shortly after a couple of hail storms had moved through our area (Seattle…so not a common occurence). I assumed the hail caused the damage and initiated an insurance claim. Now I have a repainted hood, chipped roof and the insurance claiming that hail doesn’t cause chips to the clear coat without dents. What else could produce chips to the clear coat in this fashion?

Car washes with brushes.

It’s impossible to guess without seeing the chips. The only auggestion I can make is if this happens again in the future you should wait for an adjuster to see the damage pursuant to approval of the claim.

Most likely rock chips from everyday driving. I have seen them on roofs also.

Evenly distributed? That’s pretty unlikely. But carwash overhead brushes have evenly-distributed bristles. So when they clean the grit and rock off the car in front of you, they deposit it back on your car in evenly distributed patterns.

The only clear coat peeling I ever see is always on surfaces that have been re-painted.
Never on factory paint.

my 89’ chevy’s original paint job peeled like a stripper.

Good catch…I missed that