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Unexplained DE-acceleration in my 04 Saturn Ion

I had just hit the 100,000 mile mark in my 04 Saturn Ion while cruising down the highway. At 100,008 miles, the needles on my gauges went dark, but the rest of the electrical was fine–radio, dash lights, headlights… I then noticed that I was slowing down (I could not tell how much (no needles on the gauges)AND my power steering was not working. I hit the gas and I heard the engine rev., but that was all. I made sure it was in gear (manual transmissiom), and still nothing. I then tried it in 4th gear, and all it managed to do was slow me down further. I pulled over onto the median and turned the car off. I immediately started it back up and it seemed normal and all worked properly again! I shook it off and continued the 10 miles back to my home.Drovve it another 25 miles this morning on highway and surface streets without incident.

Does anyone know what in the world is going on with my car? Am I crazy??