Uneven new rotor wear

Pic 2 is new Audi with 250 miles. 3rd pic is at 750 miles. Dealer said the rotors need to get miles and will even out. pic Of bare rotor is my car sitting Outside after 6 months. Same issue?

No… Entirely different issue. Your rotor has rusted to that point. The Audis just haven’t bedded in thier pads yet. Your rotor won’t get a lot better.

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Will Audi rotors end up uniformly smooth? That was my vue that sat outside. This pic is my torrent. That sat in garage for 6 months. Pic is thru port hole in steel wheel. Hard to light well.

I’ve never had uneven rotor wear like shown on the Audi on any of my disc-brake cars. Smaller diameter steel wheels though, maybe has something to do w/it.

The bare rotors is from my kids vue that was parked July 2021 due to accident. It Is driven about once each month and sits outside. Not much I can do to prevent rusting in this case.

Another odd “sitting” issue. Torrent steering made a moaning sound. Easily heard in car. Rack? Strut mount? Turns out it was sway bar end link ball end. Put my hand on each component and turned steering and tracked it down…
Goodyear wanted $156 diagnosis charge.

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