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Rusty rotor risk?


I understand rusty rotors are somewhat normal; although assured at the dealership when I spotted this at purchase…“nothing to worry about”. Outside of how it looked, no problem.

A few months later… started having recurring, and at time loud grinding. Dealership explained it’s the rust (gee thanks)… but after spending what I did on a new car, find this recurring issue troublesome. It comes/goes each week w/ rain, etc.

I had many cars, new/old, never w/ this problem… am I being unreasonable to ask the dealership to replace these, as it seems to be an ongoing problem? Aside from the annoyance, is the noise suggestive of something worrisome… I doubt it, but wanted to check.

Rust on the rotors is normal. Some brake pad compounds are more sensitive with rust on the rotors and make noise until the rust is worn off.

I see rust on my rotors and get no noise from the brakes. But the brake pad compound is semi-metalic. If your vehicles brake pad compound is ceramic or something more exotic, the rust on the rotors contaminates the brake pad surfaces, the grinding continues until the rust has been worn off the rotors and worn out of the brake pad surfaces.


How much rain are we talking about? And how often does it sit in the rain?

I just put ceramic pads on my car and haven’t herad it since, but when my car sat in the rain even during a prolonged shopping stop I’d get grinding with the first stop after it having sat.

We’ve had lots of snow… I’m in the south jersey area. So maybe w/ improved weather won’t continue to have so much grinding? I leave the car outside, so it does get wet each time it rains or snows. Maybe I should get a cover.

So we’ll see if was just an anomaly w/ the crazy weather; but any thoughts on getting replacements if this coming up? I’m pregnant and new baby on the way… the hard breaking at high speed to loosen up (which is what the dealership suggested) not ideal. It’s brand new car… so under warranty.

normal especially if you are near the Jersey shore…salt air/salt on roads…if car sits over night rust can start to form…if I let car sit over the weekend first braking makes slight rubbing noise, then goes away…

I’m not near the shore and it doesn’t go completely away; it will diminish over time, but right back in full force after a rain.
It’s just bizarre, as I’ve had many cars over the years… none of which cost 50K… so it’s frustrating have this problem only now. I guess the bottom-line though - is that it’s not unsafe. thanks!