Bad wine, clean windshield?

Here is an approach for dealing with the gift of bad wine. First ask if the wine contains any preservatives (sulfites, sodium benzoate). If the answer is “yes” return the wine on the premise that these give you a headache. A “no” answer means that the wine can be fermented further and you can have your revenge. There is no bigger insult to a wine maker than converting labor of his love into vinegar. You can find detailed recipes how to do this on the internet. What all of these recipes come down to is to put the wine into a container with wide opening, cover it with some net so the flies don’t get to it and let it sit at room temperature until the bacteria do their job. Once the process is done you can have you revenge by gifting the vinegar to the person you gave you the wine and complementing him on how good is his wine for making vinegar.

Under no circumstances use the wine to clean your windshield. As you may have realized from the first part of my post wine eagerly ferments into substances that tend to stink.

“First ask if the wine contains any preservatives (sulfites, sodium benzoate).”

That information is listed on the label, so it should not be necessary to ask the question.

The call was about a person who was giving his own home made wine. I doubt he puts warnings on the label.

This Guy I Know tells me cheap wine makes good (or at least passable) brandy ;-D