Undiagnosed problem with driver side wheel

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help me. My 2011 Sienna is having an issue, and I have had two mechanics look at it - but no diagnoses. There is a whirling noise coming from the driver tire area, as I pick up speed. When I get onto the main road, it is just a steady humming. It seems that it would be tire road noise… but they are relatively new and highly rated tires - and it is just the one. The noise gets louder when I turn (like entering the freeway) and when I slow down. When I press on the brakes hard, there is a metal on metal grinding from the driver side, and some vibration. Both mechanics that I went to inspected and… my brakes are at 90 percent, rotors and bearings are good. I just don’t know what it could be, but there is definitely something going on - and it’s getting worse. I would greatly appreciate any feedback!

  • Matt

Look for a bent dust shield at the back of the rotors or a pebble stucked between the rotor and the dust shield. If its not that, I would get a second opinion from a reputable independant mechanic. Obviously your mechanic is doing very little to solve this problem.


Rotate tires. If the noise moved to a different location, it’s tire noise. Then everything @Corrollaguy1 said.


Once you do those things, if the noise is still there have the wheel bearings checked.