2011 Toyota Sienna - back end whirring sound

There is a “whirring” noise coming from the back end of my Sienna while driving . It gets louder as the speed increases.
Any ideas?

Are the rear tires the original ones installed by the factory?

no. It had run flats on it and I hated them. But this has only started in the last 2 months and the new tires have been on for 3 years.

Whirring noises are usually tire related, especially when they get old. 3 years is getting old, for tires. I’d suggest rotating the tires front to back to see if the noise follows just to eliminate the possibility of a tire issue. If the noise follows to the front, then tires are the issue.

If this an all-wheel-drive model, it could be the rear differential. The fluid level should be checked at least. Low level can make noise as can high miles on the car. How many miles does your Sienna have?

Mechanics have tools to help diagnose the location of noises. Ask at your favorite Independent auto repair shop about using those tools to diagnose the problem.

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thanks for your help. I will get the diff checked as it is an all wheel drive.

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