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Under hood wool loose

Hi all,

It’s actually a Nissan Teana 250XV, more or less like a Maxima in the US.

Please see pics, how could I fix this? What kind of wool is this? Suppose needs to be fire/heat resistant.

Could use a tape to fix?

Many thanks for the advice,

Best regards

It is fiberglass wool. Why not just leave it alone? It won’t hurt anything. But I would look for evidence that some rodent has decided to live rent-free in your engine compartment.


Just remove the plastic guard and look under it.

And if something looks back… tell it to leave!


or start charging rent.


hahaha, that’s a good one, ok, will pop the hood and squeeze it, if anything moves I’ll know :wink:

but I think it’s just coming lose, and some dust comes from it, so would like to patch it up somehow…

Lift the rubber seal and see if it is supposed to tuck under there. I would just nudge it back into place. If it keeps coming out, use a dab or two of RTV or similar adhesive on the liner and push it up against the underside of the lip…