Uncomfortable car seats in new subaru outback


Before making an offer, rent the same make/model for a week. Give it a good test drive of 500-1000 miles. Then you’ll have the information you need to decide if you want to go ahead with the offer. Cheap buyer’s insurance.


Last van we purchased, some seats are really bad, then drove a toyota, ended up with a Kia, not for price but for comfort, It was a lease, 3 years up in sept, will look at toyota again, may even do the 2 year lease on an older model, $140 per month was attractive, but was uncomfortable and did not want to deal with car dealers in 2 years vs 3, may rethink this time.


On my car the lumbar support is electrically operated

I can certainly imagine a defective lumbar support making your time in the car miserable, especially if it’s stuck in a position that is hurting your back

Everybody’s bad back is different, and not everybody with a bad bad actually needs or likes lumbar supports

I’ve got scoliosis, but my back is bad in such a way that I don’t use my car’s lumbar support. It’s in the fully flat position, as if I was driving a car without a lumbar support

The Ford Fusions we looked at last year had seats that were very uncomfortable for my bad back, no matter how I tried adjusting them. And these were high line models with power seats and lumbar supports. Otherwise, I really liked the cars. Very good lookin, in my opinion



Yes, but for only about 4-5 miles. I like the suggestion from someone to rent the car first for a few days. Too late.



Usually 3 days is the limit to void a new vehicle purchase so that means you are going to take a big loss. If the dealer does not give you satisfaction you will have to look in your manual and contact corporate. When you do leave the part about the bread loaf out or they will not take you serious.