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Miserable Passenger Seat!

2017 Subaru Outback Limited 3.6R
The front passenger seat has electrically controlled seat (adjustments front-rear and back tilt only.) The seat is like sitting on a wood platform and there is not adequate room for my feet if I lay them on the angled part of the floor. The junk under the dash limits toe/foot space.
After about a hour my hips and lags are killing me and I haven’t had this problem, ever, in other vehicles.
My wife, who is physically fit, sits on a pillow to relieve the pain.
Can anybody offer a good solution?
I am 5’ 10", size 11 1/2 shoe. My wife is 5’ 2".

We got a KIA, wife loves the driver seat, hates the passenger seat, an old thread resurfaced today and here was our solution.

In the old days I’d suggest replacing the seats with aftermarket Recaro seats.

These days, that solution doesn’t work because of airbags and seat sensors and such. You don’t have much recourse except to sell the car and buy another. Take a longer test ride next time or rent one for a weekend before you decide. A car’s fit is too personal to make that decision with a 5 minute run around the block.

I sounds like the Person did not sit in the passenger seat before buying vehicle. Other wise they would have noticed the lack of foot space. I set in every position in the vehicle when I look at one. One vehicle I liked the passenger foot well made my wife set at an angle and she noticed it before we even left the lot.

Glad it was only a 3 year lease for us, she drove, and did not experience passenger seat,and was miserable in it until the aforementioned add ons,but now thinking fold down rear seats an option she missed. Sept looking at a new lease. I dew knot know about thwe crest f ewes butt tiping schwere seams to Comee wit indulging mucho errata


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Joke about what my responses look like before I edit them,
Should be
I do not know about the rest of you, but typing sure seems to come with many errors for me

did you try turning off the spelling correction feature?

My MIL has a bad back and uses a bottom cushion just like this, and another at the base of her back. They make riding in the car tolerable.

As for your spelling errors, I would like to welcome you to Covfefetown! As the long time mayor, I can assure you that we are one of the fastest growing municipalities in the US of A. You’ll recognize many of the regular contributors here as you stroll the streets.

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I also have an issue with comfort . My Outback does not have electric seats, but there is an up/down adjustment. If there is one on your car try raising or lowering the seat.

Thanks for the reply and thanks for the idea. I will look into it.

Thanks for the suggestion. i am looking into cushions.