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Unauthorized drivers

looking for some ideas. I want to get my car painted at a local high school. Quality is good and prices are great. The problem is, the shop teacher lets the students drive the cars. I dont want high schoolers driving my car–lotsa reasons–liability being the main one. So…how can I keep the kids from driving the car?
Thought about putting a fish under the seat in a sandwich bag under the seat, but dunno if I could get the smell out afterward. anything I can do to temporarily disable the car–in a completely reversible way–that they would have trouble finding out? if I put a locking gas cap on the car–and brought it down to near-empty, could they bypass that?

its a 2003 Saab if that matters

They have to drive the car to get it from the parking lot to the prep area to the paint shop to the drying area to the parking lot. If you make it clear to the shop teacher that the students can’t drive it off school property and he agrees to it, you should be OK. If he won’t agree to it, then I wonder how much you are respected as a customer. If the fish carcasses in my trach can are any indication, they won’t even work on your car it will smell so bad.

thanks–not respected as a customer–but to get my car painted for $600–I can handle the diss

Discuss the question with the shop teacher. For bodywork,there should be no reason the car should have to be driven beyond the parking lot. He may be able to even arrange for you to do all the driving.

If you’re still uncomfortable, then perhaps you should seek another paint shop.

Kids can handle driving a car from the parking lot to the service bay just fine. I think you are being a little bit silly worrying about it. If you had it done at a normal body shop, the same type of kids would be doing the same thing. Now if they are allowed to take the car off grounds, I’d have a little discussion with the school administration on possible liability issues on that one.

Fasten a wooden block under the gas pedal to keep a lid on the engine power or any other way to accomplish this. I seriously doubt that the kids will take the time to remove the block so they can test the acceleration of your car when they have painting work to do.

You can get a car painted for less than $600 at Maaco.

With Any Economy (Cheap) Paint Job Comes The Risk Of Having One’s Car Look Like It Was
Painted With A Broom And Slap-Dried With A Burlap Bag.

I will say though that the amount of attention and time given to the prep work usually yields a better job. Lots of folks can spray paint. It’s what underneath that’s important.


thanks, people–they have done good work before, even though they dont seem to use any flex agent on the bumpers, so I get little white dots here and there on them. And even if my car has come back with 100 more miles on it (they always re-set the trip odometer in a lame attempt to cover it up!), it’s always driven fine.

100 miles on it for a paint job?

No. I’m with you. That’s BS. They wouldn’t touch my car. Service places are supposed to drive it as necessary to do the work and/or to diagnose the problem. A paint shop does not need to take it on a 100 mile joyride.

And even if it is a school, not using flex agent on the bumpers is inexcusable. What’s the point of teaching them to paint a car if they can’t apply what they learned to any car made in the last 30 years?

I’;m with you. Now way should it be driven 100 miles. I’d suspect the instructor doesn’t know or if he does, he’s an idiot. Take the plates if you have to use the place and tell him your agent will not allow driving it out of the parking lot.

100 miles is unauthorized use of your vehicle. I’d recommend that you discuss this with the instructor even if you don’t plan to go there anymore. Perhaps it should be discussed with the principal as well. Something simply isn’t right.

I agree with the others. How many trips to the drive-in are there in 100 miles? That sounds more like a week-end trip to me. Eventually there is going to be a problem and the school will be liable. I suspect that the instructor will be in a world of hurt because he seems to know about it. Do them a favor and stop the practice now.

I believe that in your place I would have mentioned my concern immediately after seeing that my car had been driven 100 miles while at the shop/school. I can’t imagine any need for accumulating that much mileage but it would seem appropriate for the instructor to know of the mileage and your concern immediately and have the opportunity to defend himself.

Quote from piter_devries; You can get the car painted for less than $600 at Maaco." Unquote.

The OP wants to let the kids get some experience with car painting at a good price to both of their advantages.

I have a little joke for you. Do you know why Dutchmen wear wooden shoes? It helps to keep the woodpeckers away from their heads.

Wha Who? July 26
Quote from piter_devries; You can get the car painted for less than $600 at Maaco.” Unquote.

Care to take another run at that?